The Princess Ballerinas Book Series

Join the Princess Ballerinas and their teacher, Miss Megan, as they dance their way through imaginary adventures!

Book: The Enchanted Forest

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Book: The Fairy Garden Adventure

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Meet The Characters From The Princess Ballerinas Book Series!


Mia is sporty, fun, and enthusiastic. She loves to dance, read, and imagine her own stories. Mia likes to draw super-colorful pictures, too. Mia always wears a tiara because she truly believes she is a princess.


Sofia is creative, quirky, and very silly. She dances, practices gymnastics, and loves nature. Sofia loves her cat Daisy, and all kinds of animals. She also has a great sense of humor and always says the silliest things!


Isabella is sweet, friendly, smart, and polite. She loves spending time with her two older sisters and her mom. They love to bake, dance, sing, and play games together. Their favorite activity is singing karaoke!

Miss Megan

Miss Megan is the best dance teacher! She is friendly, kind, and she always has a big smile on her face. She teaches the Princess Ballerinas all about ballet with creative adventures that get them moving and pretending. She encourages them to be kind, thoughtful, and helpful friends, too! 

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