The Princess Ballerinas Dance Program was originally created by Miss Megan for her dance studio in California. The inspiration was to provide a unique and memorable dance class experience for little ballerinas teaching dance through imaginative, theme-based classes. 

In 2015, the Princess Ballerinas Dance Program was shared with other passionate dance teachers and innovative studios around the world who also wanted to create a special and inspiring experience for their youngest dancers. Studio Owners & Dance Teachers: Learn More Here

Today, in addition to classes around the world, budding ballerinas can join in on the magic and joy of dance through our new book series as well! 

Whether your tiny dancer is attending weekly classes at a local studio or simply starring in her own living room performances at home... we welcome and encourage ALL little ballerinas to join us in celebrating and enjoying the magical and joyful world of dance! 

About Miss Megan: 

Miss Megan is a professional dancer and instructor with over 20 years experience. She's OBSESSED with all things dance! In fact, she's found a way to build multiple businesses around her passion for dance and is proud to be a living example of "if you can dream it, you can do it!" (Walt Disney).

When she's not creating something dance-related, she enjoys other creative endeavors like baking and crafting. Miss Megan currently lives in Napa, California with her husband Guy, son Grant, and their yellow lab Dakota. 


A Personal Note From Miss Megan:


Hi! I'm Miss Megan. Welcome to Princess Ballerinas! 

I just wanted to quickly share my "why" with you, because it's my greatest hope that dance can possibly have as positive of an impact on your child's life as it's had on mine.

My "Why": Dance Changed My Life.

Even though I had an ideal childhood (loving parents, a wonderful home life, great friends, positive school life), I was PAINFULLY shy and anxious as a child.

I was literally uncomfortable in my own skin outside of the inner circle of my closest family and friends.

But dance changed everything.

Within a year of starting dance, I transformed from an anxious wall-flower into completely different person.

Through dance, I learned to control my body and mind and I realized that ultimately I was the one in charge of the results in my life. This realization gave me a sense of unshakeable self-confidence..

I became a straight-A student, I developed leadership skills and became more involved in school activities, student government and community service. I won competitions, scholarships and awards based on my effort and my newfound ability and motivation to apply myself in all areas of my life. Not to mention, I was a lot happier and having a lot more fun with life.

Without a doubt, dance changed everything for me and I’m so grateful.

It’s my greatest privilege to pay it forward by introducing other children to the wonderful world of dance and the gift that it holds: The gift of discovering their own power to be, do, or have whatever they want in this world.

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